Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter from Sept 22nd

Thanks for your words of wisdom Dad. Your right about me finding the elect people but it is still sad to see those who don’t want to change or dont' have strength or the will to change. Most of the people here are old so they have a hard time remembering what we teach! It is also really hard to help them understand that they need to stop practicing their ceremonies because it breaks the first 2 commandments! I don’t know maybe those are not very good things to say to help them.

There are a couple of people here who say they know the bible very well and we end up having bible bashes. My companion hates these kinds of situations but I love them! Thanks for those scriptures that you sent me. I know I will probably use them.

Everything at home sounds like it is going well. You mentioned hiking in your last letter Dad. When you guys come and pick me up in two years, I will have to show you some awesome hikes! Yes, it does include some cliff dwellings. Oh and by the way, next month I will be needing some winter gear, because it is getting pretty cold. Well, that is it for now. I know things will work out for you guys! Be Safe!

Love Devon

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