Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am a trainer now!

Well sorry that I missed your e-mail but today was probably the best! Why? Well because we got transfer news, three of our investigators came to church and everyone else is progressing big time in the gospel! First I will give the news...... Elder Hunsaker is leaving and I am training a new missionary!!!!!! I am so stoked I haven't been able to sleep very well for like the last two nights! We will drive all the way to Farmington today to pick up the new greenie. Then Elder Hunsaker will ride the transfer van all the way back to Holbrook to be picked up and I will drive my new companion back to Greasewood!

Elder Hunsaker is happy for me and he did say that he wished he wouldn't have made all of his bad mistakes because then he would be in my shoes! I told him to hang in there and that if he stays obedient he will serve in Flagstaff for one transfer then he will get to train a new missionary! He told me prez came and talked to him during last zone conference and asked him if he had made the decision to be obedient yet. So ya I am glad the Lord gave me the opportunity to help a missionary who was stuggling!

An experience we had this week that was awesome was, we were thinking that we should contact some refferals that we got the other day. The Lord made us drive around all day until one of his prepared children were home (yes, he can and does do that)! It was a less active family and the mom wants her two sons to be baptized so we are going to start teaching them this week! Oh I almost forgot, our investigators who came to church all had the guts to bare their testimonies!!! I couldn't believe it! The Spirit was so strong. Since they were not sure if the Book of Mormon was true they only said "They believe..." statements which is wonderful!! I am glad the Lord is letting me stay to see their testimonies grow into, "I know....." statements! It's awesome!

I love you all!

Elder Christensen

February 27th Letter

Hello Everyone!

So I can confirm all the news about the recent activity and the increase in missionaries and senior couples in our mission! As far as we have heard everyone is pretty stoked to see how many people we can get baptized each month and the number just keeps going up! We have been doing our best to help that effort and to tell members how important it is for them to be giving us direction on who they know that would like to hear our message. We are working on taking some members from the branch to go with us in teaching people because having a member present at the lessons just seems to work the best lol! Then again that is the focus for every single companionship in the whole world!!

I haven't been transferd yet because we will find out all that info this Saturday. The days just fly by so I don't really know what week it is and then I'll tell ya what happens.

My goal has been reached in helping my companion so the rest is up to him. I want him to even progress and be a great leader and I know he can do it he just needs another push that I don't think I can give him.

We didn't get any baptisms last week but we are planning on having one this week, two next week and 3 the week after that so I'm pretty stoked for all of this to be happening but isn't it funny how things we seem to get baptisms lined up and then I'm get transferd? lol!!

It's funny that you mentioned the blessings promised to the Lamanites or Lehi's children because we talked about that last night with our recent convert! The guy is a spiritual sponge! I get to talk to him with deep doctrine and and he soaks it up! AMAZING!!!! His wife wanted to know about the house of Israel, I mean everything about it, so I am drawing a geneaology chart for them about who they directly descend from and it's a blast.

I want to share something really fast before I go. Most people here are afraid to ask questions because they think they will be ridiculed for it, so we rely heavily on the spirit of discernment and revelation. We basically need it to try to dicern what they might be thinking and to try to get a feel for what they need. It's pretty cool once you know how the spirit can talk to misssionaries this way. How do we get this spirit you might ask? Well we simply need to ask for it so we pray hard every night and sometimes we even fast for it. And the Lord hears prayers and he loves his people so he gives us that gift to teach and its awesome!!

Well that was my two cents for now take care yall!

I love ya!!
Elder Christensen

February 20th Letter

Well hey!

I am so glad to hear that Jordan is reading the Book of Mormon! I knew he was doing good! Ever since that e-mail I sent I've just had thoughts to myself like I wonder what he is reading now? So ya it's pretty sad he is beating all of you but I still beat everyone in our family hahaha! I've read the Book of Mormon 3 times and I am on my fourth time since the beginnig of my mission so all in all I will have read it 6 times!!

I just want you to know that things are looking better even though we don't get along very well. He is always getting angry at some of the things I do that don't matter in missionary work. I feel that we are being blessed because we are being obedient but since there is contention between us, we can't make the work explode! But I will keep working on him. Transfers will be happening this week so we will see how things go!!!

So you guys are having Family Home Evening on personal prayer and need an experience from me huh? Well I guess one of the best experiences I can use as far as a mission setting was last week. We kept running out of people to see so we found a good spot to pull our truck over and then we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to guide us to someone who needed to hear the gospel. You know everytime we did that He either answered our prayer in the middle of it by inspiring someone to text us or by guiding our thoughts to think of someone we should go see or drop by. One time after we prayed we looked up and we felt that the house that was just a couple yards down needed us to stop and knock on their door. We were able to talk to them about the gospel so I know he answers prayers!!! He also gives me answers in my head as to what I should say or do when I am stressed or I am troubled, He comforts me and tells me what to do.

Well I am glad things are going well and I love you all! I appreciate your prayers and I am grateful for your support!

Love ya guys!
Elder Christensen