Thursday, March 8, 2012

February 20th Letter

Well hey!

I am so glad to hear that Jordan is reading the Book of Mormon! I knew he was doing good! Ever since that e-mail I sent I've just had thoughts to myself like I wonder what he is reading now? So ya it's pretty sad he is beating all of you but I still beat everyone in our family hahaha! I've read the Book of Mormon 3 times and I am on my fourth time since the beginnig of my mission so all in all I will have read it 6 times!!

I just want you to know that things are looking better even though we don't get along very well. He is always getting angry at some of the things I do that don't matter in missionary work. I feel that we are being blessed because we are being obedient but since there is contention between us, we can't make the work explode! But I will keep working on him. Transfers will be happening this week so we will see how things go!!!

So you guys are having Family Home Evening on personal prayer and need an experience from me huh? Well I guess one of the best experiences I can use as far as a mission setting was last week. We kept running out of people to see so we found a good spot to pull our truck over and then we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to guide us to someone who needed to hear the gospel. You know everytime we did that He either answered our prayer in the middle of it by inspiring someone to text us or by guiding our thoughts to think of someone we should go see or drop by. One time after we prayed we looked up and we felt that the house that was just a couple yards down needed us to stop and knock on their door. We were able to talk to them about the gospel so I know he answers prayers!!! He also gives me answers in my head as to what I should say or do when I am stressed or I am troubled, He comforts me and tells me what to do.

Well I am glad things are going well and I love you all! I appreciate your prayers and I am grateful for your support!

Love ya guys!
Elder Christensen

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