Monday, February 20, 2012

February 13th Letter

Well I am glad you emailed this week! YAY Mom!!

So this week was killer but with Heavenly Fathers help I got Elder Hunsaker to be excatly obedient this whole week! The Lord blessed us with 10 new investigators and 24 lessons! So far these are the best numbers on my mission! Our district leader was pretty stoked about it too!

Thanks for sending the package I really appreciate it! Also you don't have to worry about music for me for a while because I got a ton from another elder who has like a whole slew of appropriate music!!

Me and my comp still have our days where we want to kill each other and I beat him, well slaughtered him, in a game of Risk and he got really upset so I am not going to play anymore games with him because he is sort of well short tempered but he is working on it which is great!

I am sorry to hear about Brittany, I will keep her in my prayers!!!

Thanks for telling me that everyone loves my letters. I don't know why my emails are so special but it doesnt matter, what does matter is that we are bringing souls to Christ and that we are able to be obedient so we can be even more blessed! We had exchanges this past week and I it was great to get to know Elder Ward and tell him how things are in this area. He is a little bit newer than me.

We had a very interesting week, because we got to talk to this guy from another faith and he had all kinds of anti-mormon stuff and was trying to denouce the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. We just calmly replied to his comments and questions and we were able withstand his attacks. It was so great because by the time he finished trying to argue with us we actually left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon, our testimonies and some good laughs! On the other hand we have a really solid investgator. She is twenty four and just escaped from domestic violence so she is scared and has scars from that. We told her how baptism can give her peace and can wash away the hatred she feels if we follow Jesus Christ's example and she really liked that!

Well tell everyone that I love them and sorry the email is so short because the other missionaries are waiting for me and want to go somewere no.

Love ya all!!
Elder Christensen

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