Monday, February 20, 2012

January 30th Letter


Thanks for the wonderful email today it is really weird that Grant is home. In fact I can't quite wrap my mind around it...

I wonder why they think my mission is so awesome? I do some cool stuff but I don't baptize very many people but that doesn't really bother me because president sent me and e-mail and said if we stand up and do what is right we will do wonders in Greasewood so I'm taking that to heart!

I can't believe the guys at the bike shop still remember me! I thought for sure they would have forgotten who I was and stuff! I am planning on sending some letters to them all or at least the ones I remember so ya if you want to tell them that go ahead!

So things this week have been sorta slow. We found like 5 new investigators when wanted like 8 but still 5 is a decent number! We taught quite a bit but we really need to teach more often because if we taught all of our investigators and other people in a week we would have like over 20 lessons a week! Which would be fantastic! This morning we had a lesson with the Senior Missionary couple at an investigators house. All four of us have been teaching her and she is so close to baptism her name is Jenny Clark and she is a wonderful and prepared person from our Father in Heaven who just needs a push into the baptism font. We talked about the Word of Wisdom today and for quite some time too because her family is severely effected by it. We extended a date for her to be baptized on the 11 so we will pray that she commits and is baptized then so Heavenly Father can really pour out his blessings on her family.

I will keep Brittany in my prayers because I am sure this is a tough situation for her right now. I pray she will not have anymore problems so ya and tell Jordan Happy Birthday and stuff!

Well I gotta go love ya all!!!
Gamali Atchinez
(Elder Tall Man)

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