Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More pictures

More pictures from Tohatchi

Pictures from Tohatchi

More Pictures from the MTC

Finally Pictures - These are from the MTC

Being Thankful

Well hello everyone!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I sent home letters about all the things I am grateful for. We made our own turkey dinner complete with all the other fixings! Can you believe it? I made a potato casserole and everyone else made the turkey, stuffing yams, and rolls and stuff. It's making me hungry just talking about it and it turned out pretty good! Anyway we invited a whole bunch of people from Tohatchi and other towns but not a single person showed! We were sad until we found out they all had a Thanksgiving dinner somewhere else! I will have to get pictures from some of the other missionaries and send them to you since I don't have my memory card back yet! Anyway your Thanksgiving sounded like it was a real blast and I think we should all be thankful for what we have! And don't be afraid to extend a hand to someone around you who is in need! We try to get everyone here to do that because there are so many people who have nothing!
I hope you all continue to be awsome and choose the right! Love ya!

Elder Christensen

First Thanksgiving in Tohatchi

Hey guess what, it's Thanksgiving on the rez! I'm going pshyco because the days are going by to fast!

This week has been both rewarding and frustrating! We set a date with two people to come to church on Saturday and they didn't show! We even had the spirit in our lesson they sounded like they were excited about church so that was frustating! We also did some more tracting this week and we found someone who met Gordon B. Hinkley and she isn't even a member yet!! We asked when we could come back and talk more about families and she said no that she wasn't interested. She said that she believes all churches and religons are good and it doesn't matter which one she goes to so oh well. At least she was honest with us. Anyway some exciting news, we are making a turkey for Thanksgiving and our district is having a get-together so we are excited for that! I just hope we don't burn it and I will let you know how it goes.

Mom could you please give me the tracking numbers on the packages you send. When I hear that something is coming and I don't see it for like two weeks it's kind of depressing lol! I ask the guy at the post office where it is and he can tell me!

Okay and I have even more awesome news! On Friday we saw the Living Legends program that BYU puts on and it was so good! I hope you guys get to see it sometime.

Anyway that's all from me! Oh read 2 Nephi19 and find the question that Nephi asks those who are not baptized, then read 2 Nephi 31 and find the blessings that are promised when they accept the gospel and are baptized!


Love, Elder Christensen

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Progressing in Tohatchi

Wow!! Week three of this transfer already and it has been just amazing!! We finally beat the standard of excellence here with over 20 lessons! It was a first for me to get that many and we found a few more invetigators! Also we are planning three baptism dates and can't wait for them to be baptized!! The one investigator that really made my week is named Ericson. His wife and kids left him and he is a really nice and hardworking guy. He loves his kids and was so interested in the blessings that are promised to us especially to families. He has never sought after God but he has been to other churches and the gospel just seems to click for him! I can't believe that we have been having such success here. I am glad the work is progressing even more so!!

The temple trip was great we went to Monticello and the ward there fed all the missionaries and we were so greatful for that! We got back late tonight so that's why my email is late. The elders from Thoreau are staying two nights with us because tomorrow we have Zone Conference. It helps them to save miles and stuff! Elder Harbin who is like one of my favorite companions and his companion Elder Sypher are super funny and I love them both. We played Risk before going to bed and its is just way to much fun!!

Okay enough with that. I found that my old MTC companion is in our zone so I got to talk to him today for about 8 hours as we drove to and from the temple!

Thanks for the door approches mom! We really need to start finding ways to be more inviting to people, but I think when they see two white guys on the rez they know who we are and it's really up to them if they want to let us in or not.

I'm glad that things are still great at home and that everyone still loves me lol!

I am greatful for all your emails and I love you!


Elder Christensen

Monday, November 7, 2011

It Snowed...A Little

Hi Everyone,
So this week was a really hard week for us. We only had like 10 lessons and had to drop a bunch of people because they all avoid us when we come around! We have knocked on almost every house here so that should tell you how many people live here and no one wants us to come by. We have placed a couple Book of Mormons here and there but other than that it hasn't been to good. We have been helping a member build an addition to his house whenever we run out of things to do, so we are excited to help him. And the family that feeds us is a a non-member couple who love missionaries because they are intellegent and fun to talk to, so that helps alot. We did find out on Thursday that next Monday we are having a mission temple trip and everyone is excited to go to the Monticello, Utah Temple so that will be something to look forward to.

I did get the amazing coats and they are perfect and really nice! It has snowed the last two days but not much. Not even an inch in Gallup or Tohatchi! But I am sure Flagstaff and Durango were hammered. I really want a lot of snow this year but I know it might not happen because we are so far south.

We are going to stay determined and continue to do all we can in finding more people so fear not, "I cannot be discouraged because it is the Lords work!!! (you should print that out and frame it!). So yep we are great and eating like rich men thanks to your grocery list. We actually spent less than what you estimated it to be! Thanks for everything mom and dad. You guys are the greatest!

Love Ya All!

Elder C.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Letter

Hello again from Tohatchi!!!

We got transfer news this week and guess what, I am staying in Tohatchi for at least another 6 weeks!! I was pretty excited that I get to stay here because I love Tohatchi!! I will send pictures as soon as Halloween is over I promise!!

I'm sorry that I have requested so much, the golves are like the last big thing I need and then I will be happy!! By the way, the memory card you sent is to small for my camera so I sold it to another elder here who needed it and will use the money to buy one here!

Thank you for the grocery list we adapted it to try and fit a weeks worth of stuff so we will see how long we survive! That is the one thing that has been really hard about being on the rez. We don't get fed like other areas so we fend for ourselves most nights but we try to eat really well!

I really am doing great! My mission is going to fast and I am loving every minute of it! I can barely remember when I left!

I am glad everyone is doing great and I am so excited the kids are doing great! I do everything I can to keep myself from getting discouraged and I hope it is enough!

Anyway this e-mail is short because we have a super busy prep day today!

Well love ya all!


Elder Christensen