Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Being Thankful

Well hello everyone!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I sent home letters about all the things I am grateful for. We made our own turkey dinner complete with all the other fixings! Can you believe it? I made a potato casserole and everyone else made the turkey, stuffing yams, and rolls and stuff. It's making me hungry just talking about it and it turned out pretty good! Anyway we invited a whole bunch of people from Tohatchi and other towns but not a single person showed! We were sad until we found out they all had a Thanksgiving dinner somewhere else! I will have to get pictures from some of the other missionaries and send them to you since I don't have my memory card back yet! Anyway your Thanksgiving sounded like it was a real blast and I think we should all be thankful for what we have! And don't be afraid to extend a hand to someone around you who is in need! We try to get everyone here to do that because there are so many people who have nothing!
I hope you all continue to be awsome and choose the right! Love ya!

Elder Christensen

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