Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Thanksgiving in Tohatchi

Hey guess what, it's Thanksgiving on the rez! I'm going pshyco because the days are going by to fast!

This week has been both rewarding and frustrating! We set a date with two people to come to church on Saturday and they didn't show! We even had the spirit in our lesson they sounded like they were excited about church so that was frustating! We also did some more tracting this week and we found someone who met Gordon B. Hinkley and she isn't even a member yet!! We asked when we could come back and talk more about families and she said no that she wasn't interested. She said that she believes all churches and religons are good and it doesn't matter which one she goes to so oh well. At least she was honest with us. Anyway some exciting news, we are making a turkey for Thanksgiving and our district is having a get-together so we are excited for that! I just hope we don't burn it and I will let you know how it goes.

Mom could you please give me the tracking numbers on the packages you send. When I hear that something is coming and I don't see it for like two weeks it's kind of depressing lol! I ask the guy at the post office where it is and he can tell me!

Okay and I have even more awesome news! On Friday we saw the Living Legends program that BYU puts on and it was so good! I hope you guys get to see it sometime.

Anyway that's all from me! Oh read 2 Nephi19 and find the question that Nephi asks those who are not baptized, then read 2 Nephi 31 and find the blessings that are promised when they accept the gospel and are baptized!


Love, Elder Christensen

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