Monday, November 7, 2011

It Snowed...A Little

Hi Everyone,
So this week was a really hard week for us. We only had like 10 lessons and had to drop a bunch of people because they all avoid us when we come around! We have knocked on almost every house here so that should tell you how many people live here and no one wants us to come by. We have placed a couple Book of Mormons here and there but other than that it hasn't been to good. We have been helping a member build an addition to his house whenever we run out of things to do, so we are excited to help him. And the family that feeds us is a a non-member couple who love missionaries because they are intellegent and fun to talk to, so that helps alot. We did find out on Thursday that next Monday we are having a mission temple trip and everyone is excited to go to the Monticello, Utah Temple so that will be something to look forward to.

I did get the amazing coats and they are perfect and really nice! It has snowed the last two days but not much. Not even an inch in Gallup or Tohatchi! But I am sure Flagstaff and Durango were hammered. I really want a lot of snow this year but I know it might not happen because we are so far south.

We are going to stay determined and continue to do all we can in finding more people so fear not, "I cannot be discouraged because it is the Lords work!!! (you should print that out and frame it!). So yep we are great and eating like rich men thanks to your grocery list. We actually spent less than what you estimated it to be! Thanks for everything mom and dad. You guys are the greatest!

Love Ya All!

Elder C.

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  1. The people of Tohatchi are lucky to have someone like you in their town. You are optimistic, you are helpful, you are kind, you are thankful. Your goodness will have a lasting influence (much longer than the time you will spend there).

    P.S. I agree--you have amazing parents!