Monday, February 20, 2012

January 9th Letter

Hey Everyone,

I am glad you guys are enjoying the holidays. We didn't do much for New Years because the family who invited us over for a party ditched us! So we went back to the trailer and I made some good food and then I wrote in my journal and that was pretty much it. Elder Hunsaker wanted to stay up until midnight but all I could think of doing was dumb stuff so we went to bed at 10:30.

Anyway, the baptism we had last week was someone that the previous Elders were teaching. His name is Kevin Begay and he is a really solid guy! His baptism was great and he already has been able to recognize the feelings and promptings of the Holy Ghost! Hopefully soon he will get the priesthood. On Thursday we had a lesson with him and we talked about the priesthood and got deeper into the topic. We talked about why it is so important and that only through this church can you receive the keys to the priesthood which is the power to act in God's name. We had to also explain that Medicine Men don't have this authority to heal but they can pray for you. I wasn't that bold about it this time and they didn't get upset at all. Remember what happened last time I talked about medicine men? Lol, not good!!

Why, things are changing so much in our ward!! I guess I prepared myself for all that stuff that has been happening at home so I am not mad or homesick or anything in fact I think its dumb that it only happens when I leave! Just my luck!!

We had interviews this week and I really loved talking with the President. He told me how much he appreciated my "goodness" and that it was something this mission needs right now and he is glad that I "bring it" when things are not going so good.

So I am glad Brittany is doing well. It sounds like you guys have found a great way to help her out. I know Ashley will do great and will make friends and survive in college because she is awesome. Tell Jordan to keep reading and exercising and tell him I love him too.

Oh also we were able to attend to a horse ceremony where they killed and ate a horse. It was really cool because it was full of ceremony and it is a huge part of Navajo tradition. They believe that in the winter the horse meat boosts their strength against illness which I don't think it's true because the next day I felt like I was getting a cold so I drank orange juice which is better for you anyway and I got over it! Horse meat is pretty good though. I kind of liked it. It's sort of juicy and has a weird flavor so if you can, try it sometime.

Well I gotta go. Talk to ya later guys.

Love ya!
Elder Christensen

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