Friday, January 6, 2012

First E-mail of 2012!

Hey Everyone!

Wow what a week! I apologize for not e-mailing home last week but we didn't have anyone close by that had a computer so I was sort of bummed about that. Some news was this week was that we had a baptism on Saturday and that was so cool! Our truck was out of gas money so we walked everywhere which also made it difficult, but we are good to go now!

I was really happy to talk to all of you and so happy your doing great! My companion is still having troubles and it was really hard to get him out to walk and see people. Lately my thoughts haven't been on our investigators or the Savior as much as I want. Instead I have been trying to find ways to get my comp out to do something and to find ways to help him be more obedient to the mission rules, and to help him get excited about the work! It is really distracting sometimes and has been affecting me a little. I have been praying hard and asking my Heavenly Father for help and comfort and to stay determined and he has really been helping me and giving me comfort.

Yup so that's the depressing news this week!

Oh, also since we cover two areas we are going to talk to the guy in the mission office to see if he can turn on all of the utilities at the trailer in Indian Wells. We figured out that we can be more effective if we spend a week in Indian Wells and a week in Greasewood. Indian Wells is about 35 miles south of Greasewood and that should give you some idea of how big our area is!!!

Well that's all I have this week. Sorry my e-mails are so short and especially this week because we didn't get out very much.

Hagone! (goodbye)

Elder Christensen

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