Monday, September 12, 2011


Well hey thanks for the email! I love you guys and I am grateful for your love and support! Things here are getting so much better everyday because I just quit caring about some of the numbers and stuff lol. I love how I can do that!! Any way, this weeks email is short because I have had kind of a wierd week. We have been helping some elders in our mission with baptisms because they have been so busy. In the last two weeks they have had 9 dates set and 6 baptisms. They just set more today so we are pumped!! And we found 6 invetigators in one day and we will be setting dates for them next week so I'm really excited!! We have really picked things up here in Tohatchi and we will be setting a record with baptisms here if all our dates follow up! This week I have had some wierd stuff to eat like smoked blue corn which is gross and mutton!! Anyway not much else has happend other than just helping people prepare for winter! It has also rained a ton down here which has been really nice! Ok so my word of the week is Dinhabizzahd which means "word of the people" or basicaly it's what the language is called and no its not Navajo. Well its good to hear from all y'all and keep me posted on things. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Elder Christensen

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