Monday, September 19, 2011

Staying in Tohatchi

Well, todays weekly email is going to full of news! First off I'm not getting transfered but my companion is. My new companion is someone I have met before in fact he stayed the night with his companion during zone conference! I haven't gotten any mail since Wednesday and I am dying!! They hold it the Wednesday before transfers so they can send it to the right place and it doesnt get lost. Other than that I am doing well.

Some of the investigators we have been teaching or rather talking to are some wonderfully weird hippies lol! Their names are Barbra and Joseph and they are the coolest people and they are super smart! They are artists now both of them gave up their huge careers to live in Tohatchi!. Barbra was a biochemist for along time and got into cloning! She had to quit 4 years ago because they were cloning people and the people in her office would stare at her all day. It kind of creeped her out and she couldn't sleep so she quit! Anyway she has alot of crazy stories like that. She is a trained medicine woman but doesn't practice it because she says it's just not her thing! Joseph her husband is also crazy smart and was a neuro-surgeon! It's nice to talk to them.

I haven't had anything good to eat yet besides some steak. I have to be honest though, Navajo food is really bland and tastes like corn but other than that its okay. Well I have a busy day planned so TTFN!

I'll send pictures as soon as I get the new memory card!!

Love ya!
Elder Christensen

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