Friday, September 2, 2011

Do You Believe in Revelation?

Well, I have settled in here and I still can't get over the fact that there are only 25 people who come to church. The other churches here, like the Catholic and the Pentecostal, have their parking lots full every week. It's depressing but we are still working hard and we have 3 investigators that are in the same town. Two of them are Catholic and one is Pentecostal. We gave them all a Book of Mormon and challenged them to read it! The lady who was Pentecostal knows the Bible very well. My companion tried to explain the Plan of Salvation to her but she did not understand it as well as we thought. We are trying to go back next week to teach her the first lesson. It was my first time meeting with her and as my companion was teaching her, I looked at her and blurted out "Do you belive in revelation today?" It was so funny because I saw that my companion had this look on his face like, "Are you crazy?" She looked at me funny then she was quiet for like a minute. I realized that I probably should not have said anything but then she replied that she did believe. I told her about the Book of Mormon and from there we some how got on the topic of the Godhead. She showed us a scripture that Heavenly Father, Christ and the Holy Ghost are all one. We said, "No, they are one in purpose." and we read her a scripture from the Bible where Christ is telling plainly that they are all seperate and she did not believe us. We had a nice Bible discussion and told her to read the Book of Mormon, to pray about it and then we left. Weird I know.

That's it for now.
Talk with you soon.

Love Elder Christensen

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