Monday, September 26, 2011

Letter from Sept. 21st


Thanks for the news update on some of the things that have been going on. I guess I have a few more updates about what has been going on here. We did not make it to the fair in Window Rock because we already had plans. It is an extra trip we can’t really afford. We only have 1,500 miles per month we can use. We are planning on having 4 baptisms this next month unless I get transferred out next week or something but most likely not. I haven’t gotten any packages other than my bike but I am sure they are on their way.
So I found out that everyone in our zone are total video freaks but I am still the biggest of them all! The only people I can really talk to without someone getting all weirded out is an Elder Harbin and an Elder Shreeve and a sister missionary who is obsessed with Assassins Creed like myself! So that is pretty fun to talk to them.
If you have sent music I could really use it. We are in the car a lot and at night it is super nice to have something to listen to. It can be any genre as long as it isn’t intense music. Anything that is uplifting or makes you feel good is okay.
Teaching is going better but it is still a challenge to make people come to church. I am trying to be nice to these people but I am too bold when it comes to teaching. Sometimes they get a bit ruffled when I teach the lessons because I am so bold but I am doing better. I do love the people I teach and they teach me more patience because they think very slowly and take their time in responding.

I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful family! I love you so much mom and dad. You guys are the best! Tell everyone I love them!

Love, Me

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