Monday, September 26, 2011

Yah Tee!

Yat tee! (Hello)
This week has been pretty fun but it has also been rough. We were never able to extend our baptismal dates because everyone ditched us!! I also don't know what is going on with the mail. It hasn't shown up at all for the last 2 weeks because the mission office holds it during transfer week till they know were everyone is going!! But other than that I should be ok.
My new companion Elder Marple is pretty fun!! We both can cook and we taught ourselves how to cook rice in a crockpot!! That is great that grandma and grandpa are doing well and that they had fun on their trip! People here have had huge gardens as well this year and next spring they are planning to start a town garden in Tohatchi at the church so hopefully that goes well.
When winter rolls around people don't have gas heaters except for the missionaries and at the church so we go and chop woods for a ton of people! Yes, that is what I said chop woods. People here have funny accents like for pants they say "pantses" and they also say things like "talkings so funny stuff" like that so its fun to hear how they talk!
It has already snowed in Flagstaff and from what I have heard everyone is expecting this winter to come early and to be very cold. Some gloves and a scarf would be great!
I hope everyone is doing well and I'm so glad you guys haven't killed each other yet without me being there. So just hang in there for two more years and I'll be back!! If anyone wants to read the Book of Mormon with me I'm in Alma Chapter 30 so if you would like to start reading there we can like share everything that we have learned each week. Does that sound good?
I have taught priesthood three times and have given two talks and I also take care of the sacrament!! I'm so gratefull for all of your support and your strength and your testimonies! It really helps me to be able to do stuff like that.

Love, Elder Christensen

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