Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping Busy

WOW! sounds like you guys have had a very busy week! It has also been busy for us! We drove to Gallup and back about 4 times this week because Monday we got food and Wednesday and Thursday we had District Leader Conference for Elder Marple and Zone Conference with President Jones! I'm so glad he is our president, he is super awesome. He talked about obedience and if we make it our quest instead of an annoyance we can teach with more power of the spirit!! So we took that to heart this week and it has been working! We are pretty busy in Tohatchi now and people who haven't been to church for a long time have been randomly showing up!! The first week I was here we had 15 people in sacrament but for the last 2 months since then it has been at 30 and 40!! So we are doing all we can to strengthen the branch! Our branch president loves us so much because of the work we do!!
For General Conference we drove in on Saturday and Sunday to watch it. I really liked alot of the talks too.
It gets really cold here and the wind blows really hard in the winter. I need a hat, scarf, gloves, a jacket and even long johns!! I will also need another pair or two of dress pants because rez elders don't need to wear suits. I know it's a lot of stuff but nessesary.
I am in Alma 56 now and its mostly about all the wars that are going on. I'm reading Helamans epistle to Moroni about the stripling warriors he calls his "little sons" but they are really not that little! He expresses his love for them and what their mothers taught them multiple times!! I can tell he is greatful for what those mothers taught their sons which makes me greatful for all the things you've taught me mom. I love you and miss you!!

Love, Elder Christensen

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