Monday, October 24, 2011

Our First Baptism!

Thank you for the happy birthday things!! I can't believe I will be twenty and I will almost be twenty two when I get home! That is so messed up! Anyway I am gratetful for the video you sent. I didn't have any headphones or anything because I am in a library but I read your lips and it was a wonderful birthday suprise!

I sent a letter to you Mom about my packages and stuff and the only recent ones I have received is the one with the two coats but I am sure they will show up soon. If they don't get here before Wednesday then I won't see them untill next week because of transfers. I have prayed to know if I will be leaving Tohatchi and I keep having the impression that I will be leaving soon. We will just have to see what happens next!

This Sunday was a very special day for me because on Saturday we had our first baptism! His name is Chris Arnold and Elder Marple first taught him in Flagstaff. He then moved to Pinon for nine months and then we found him again in Tohatchi. Elder Marple got to baptise him because he worked with him the most but when Sunday came around Elder Marple confirmed him and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost and then the branch president wanted to give him the the priesthood that same day and he asked me to do it! After I ordained him a priest I gave him a copy of the line of authority paper. I was so glad that I had that. I was writing in my journal last night about the experience and I thought about what we had just done and I felt impressed that this would have a huge effect on something in his future! I really marveled at that because of what the spirit had just testified to me!

I also taught Sunday School today and the lesson was about unity and the Navajo people here really need that back in thier lives. If you would like the lesson, follow the teachings of Paul in Ephesians Chapters 1-5. There is a lot of good stuff and it is one of my favorite parts in the New Testament! I have also started the Book of Mormon again and I am in 1 Nephi 3 so I guess you guys have another chance to follow me and I am also reading the Old Testiment to.

I have been enjoying all the letters from Zack Hayward and Karl Garrett so thanks for those. I have also heard from Taylor and he is doing great. He moved to St. George this week and I know he is doing his best now that he has a fresh start! Mom, why would you stop Jordan from trick or treating? I didn't stop untill my last year in high school but I am also the strangest person and the whole zone here will attest to that! So ya sorry this email is so long but I had alot to say!

Well thats it for now!
Love ya all,
Elder Christensen!

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