Monday, October 10, 2011

Still Working Hard

YAY! only 21 more fast Sundays to go!!! Just kidding! I have actually been losing track of the days so when my companion told me he only has 12 left I counted mine down and I have a lot but it has been flying past!!
Thank you for the packages I have really needed it! The first week of October here has been super cold and the first three days of the week it snowed and rained a ton. It hasn't been very warm outside but I love it at night because I sleep ten times better!!
So Mom you would be so proud of me! I made pot stickers and and fried rice and we are having bar-b-que chicken tonight so we are going to survive!! We also did something cool for P-Day today! We biked up a mountian to go see some cliff dwellings and when I get the new memory card I will send you the pictuers along with list of what they are too! This country is so beautiful. I love it.
We did make it to General Conference and Priesthood which was great and no mom I haven't been to any primary programs. The branch is to small and there are like three little kids and some newborns. It is sad that no one has a desire for going to church but we are changing that little by little! You know I am finding out that we can do great things if we work hard and never get discouraged! There are times here already when I could get discouraged because Satan doesn't want me to work! But I try to never get down and people still ask me why I am always smiling and having fun and I tell them it's because if you make what you do enjoyable then it is no longer work, it is play time!! But don't get me wrong I still work hard and I do everything I can to help people so it's not all fun and games.
Thanks for your advice mom and dad I will keep on the look out for your letter. Some of the questions that some of our investigators are asking are kind of hard and I have to tell them that we will find some answers for them and come back to see them about it. Another question that one of our investigators has asked is why does Satan have the power to mimic Gods power of healing and such? Any advice and scripture references that you think I would be able to give would be great. Well that's all I have for today.

Elder Christensen

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  1. In every job that must be done there is an element of fun; you find the fun and snap! the job's a game! (Good advice from Mary Poppins)

    Good for you for choosing happiness and fun every day!