Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner with a family!

Well good morning!! We are doing great as a companionship! We have three baptism dates set in the next three weeks a wedding tomorrow and yes we are getting fed on Thursdays!!!! Yay! Finally a Navajo family that cares about missionaries and doesnt call us JDUBS (Jehovah Witness) or GAMALI'S (Navajo word meaning god whisperers)!!! Anyway it as been an exciting week for us.
Week six will be coming up and I can hardly believe that I only have two more weeks left in this transfer. I have a feeling that I will be leaving Tohatchi soon but if I don't I will be really excited to stay here for along time.
There are some really strange things happening around recently. There have been sightings of the Tohatchi Monster! Tohatchi is at the base of the Chooshagai Mountian Range which President Kimball said was one of the mountian ranges were the Gadianton Robbers lived and with the sightings of more Skinwalkers recently and the Tohatchi Monster it's no wonder!! We are trying to calm things down but people will believe what they want I guess.
So just some things that I found out about my mission. Did you know that it was made of three missions and President Jones was a member of the Seventy before he was our mission president? He was the one who felt impressed to make this area into a mission so he formed it and they made him the first president how cool!!! Here are some more insights about Lehi's decendants that I found out also. The Jaradites were the first here and traveled the farthest up north, hence why we have the northern native tribes. Then we know that the Nephites came and spread through all of South America and the people of Zarahemla settled Mexico. They became Nephites and spread all the way to the Eastern part of the United States were Moroni buried the plates and where the people were finally destroyed in a huge battle!! It was like 1,030,000 Nephites against even more Lamanites!! So yah just some cool stuff I recently learned which is probably old news to you!
We have also been having some experiences with drunks lately but that is nothing new. We just pray with them and then we walk away, simple!! Well we are looking forward to our baptisms and we are doing our best to stay obedient and I know you guys are being obedient to!!

Love you all!
Elder Christensen

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