Monday, August 22, 2011

Loving Tohatchi

Hey Everyone,
     Thank you for all of the e-mails!  I love hearing from you guys and I am loving my mission!  I have finally gotten over the homesickness and am working really hard.  We have a non-member family who loves the missionaries and they love what we are doing.  They feel that we are actually changing the community bit by bit and they let us come over to their house at least 3 times a week because they keep us sane.  They are like parents to us and if we didn't have them we would probably be in big trouble or dying of salmonella or something, LOL.
     My comps name is Elder Seals and he is great.  He has helped me alot. I love getting handwritten letters because I can read them and reply when I have time during the week.  It keeps me from losing my mind LOL!
     Well the town drunk hasn't bothered us this week, but we did run into some more.  I will tell you more about that in my letters that I write this week.
     Well my spiritual thought for the week is about action.  There are countless Navajo's here who believe that they have been saved because they prayed about it.  We tell them that is a good start but that the only way to be cleansed of our sins and not just forgiven is through baptism with the proper authority.  If we are just forgiven and not cleansed of our sins we still cannot achieve the greatest kingdom because no unclean thing can dwell with God.  Through Christ and his atonement we can receive that cleanliness that we can't have otherwise!  It is really hard to explain this because alot of the natives here can't read very well.  They have a hard time talking to us and understanding us.  I have been praying lately to let the spirit help them understand what we say is true and hopefully it will.
     I hope you all are doing great and I am so glad I have this opportunity to serve the Lord and try to repay Him!
     May the force be with you!


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  1. I LOVE this letter! Back atcha (on the Force thing)!