Monday, April 9, 2012

March 12, 2012

Well good afternoon! You know mom, I was just joking about the missed e-mail. I know you do your best to remember and I appreciate it. In fact about 10 minutes after I sent it I got your e-mail from home so I read it logged off. Sorry I didn't catch you!

Well this week as been great but hard. First of all it was great because well I am a trainer now!! And then lousy because we hardly got to see anyone except for our investigators who are progressing the fastest and the best and then we had a baptism interview so I guess overall it ended up being a pretty good week. I wonder if the Lord is taking it easy on Elder Chadwick this first week but now that it is over he has no excuse so we are going to work hard!!

I am doing good with being paitent thanks to Elder Hunsaker! The only bad thing I got from him luckly is road rage but I will get over that soon!

So I have grown like 1/4" so not too much. My clothes still fit fine and everything and I don't think I am tan maybe it's all the dirt or duststorms that has died my skin darker who knows? But ya I am fine and so is my companion. We have alot to learn together and I am stoked to get to work even harder now that I have somebody who is excited to learn and wants to know everything. That is so cool that prez sent a letter home to you guys. He is awesome and I am gonna miss him!! He has served in the Farmington Mission for 3 years and now it is time for someone else to come in. He has been the best and I have learned so much from him.

Well that's all that has been going on this week. I hope you guys are doing great and I love ya all!!

Elder Christensen!

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