Monday, April 9, 2012

April 4, 2012

Thanks for all you do mom I appreciate the love you show to me and to everyone. I'm pretty sure that Ashley will not move out she loves home to much so just ignore it lol! What will probably happen is if I ever end up moving out for college then she would probably move in with me lol!!

So I hear Brittany is doing better. I got the bracelet she made for me and I tied it on to my scripture bag so thats pretty cool lol!

So we had a baptism on Saturday and I was able to perform the baptism!! The girls name is Sequoia she is 12 and she is very very smart. Her aunt who is 20 is going to be baptized in two weeks! We also had another miracle, an investigator we dropped about 2 months ago called us out of the blue and asked us come over! He attends seminary in Holbrook but he just doesn't go to church in Greasewood. He told us that he has been to church everywhere else but because his dad is a road man which means he does payote ceremonies, he just wasn't home very much. He is 16 and has a strong testimony of the gospel. In fact he invited us over to eat pizza and watch General Conference with him. So ya things are really rolling. His baptism date is set for this Easter weekend! What an awesome day to get baptized.

Our two day Zone Conference was great! I learned a ton and it always seems to come right when I need it most so I am greatful for that. Next transfer we are going on a temple trip and in two weeks we will have two more days of training so ya we are super busy and workin hard!! I love the work!

So last week we went to a birthday party for one of our members and of course some of the people there started asking questions. It was so cool because before we new it we had all of these adults there listening to us! What an experience and you could just see the spirit working on them. I was so great because they asked alot of questions that we were able to answer which was sweet! We heard some traditional birthday songs from them and wow that was so cool!!! I wish I could have recorded it but that is ok. At least now we have got a whole family thinking about the gospel so I am stoked for more baptisms soon!

Well thats pretty much all I got for ya all today take care love ya!

Elder C

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