Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The work is going great!

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for the money! I will be getting a suit today because the one I have is starting to get dirty and sorta smelly and needs to be dry cleaned soon.

Well we haven't had any transfer news this week but we will find out on Saturday! Our predictions are Elder Marple will be a zone leader and I will be training! The exciting thing is that there is a big focus on the work here! In January we are getting at least 14 more missionaries and 16 after that and 20 after that! It is crazy but amazing!! We need it so bad because there are still areas of this mission that we just don't have enough missionaries to get to! Things here are looking up we are having a baptism on the 17th and we are setting 2 more dates this week. I hope that I don't get transferd just before this baptism and because the work here is going so great now! The Lord has made it possible for us to keep working and I am so grateful, I just don't want to leave yet!

If you really want me to make list of what I want for Christmas I will gladly do it! I want a computer, some movies and..I'm just kidding! I really would just love some music! It doesn't matter what it is, but that would be nice and oh, Elder Holland's talk about the Book of Mormon from I think the 2008 or 2009 General Conference in April I think, so that would be great!

My most spiritual event this week was when I was in Tohlakai, New Mexico last Monday and Tuesday. Elder Marple was in Farmington for a bit and I went with the other missionaries in Tohlakai to all of their lessons and stuff. We met a man named Willard who reads the Bible and the Book of Mormon and compares them and it was super amazing. The spirit led us to say what we really needed to say. It was such a blessing to help him understand what the Spirit feels like and to help him understand how the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ!

Anyway I'm outa time gotta go!
love ya
Elder Christensen!

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  1. Dear Elder Christensen,

    Your letters home inspire me. Have a beautiful and a merry Christmas as you continue to strive to do what the Lord would have you do!


    Aundrea Hill