Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Transfer to Greasewood Arizona

Hey Everyone!
I am in Greasewood Arizona now and it is a pretty neat place! We have a huge area!!! I mean bigger than Tohatchi! Our truck takes the normal beating from the roads and I sit in the passenger seat and laugh because its fun to try to get to peoples houses and where else can you go 4 wheeling on your mission and call it work lol! So we go to either Hollbrook or Winslow for shopping which is like 120 mile round trip, so ya it's pretty fun!
We got a bunch of snow here, like 4 inches! My new companion is Elder Hunsaker and he was in our district but served in Tohlakai for 2 transfers and then he and I were sent here together. I am a little sad because his old companion is taking my place and he and Elder Marple are getting a bunch of baptisms this month! I know that is the nature of the work but I would have liked to have been there for them. I have also been wondering what does the Lord want me to do? Does he want me to be the kind of missionary who works hard to fix the places were the work has struggled? Because that is how it was in Tohatchi until Elder Marple and I got there. I figured that is what the Lord wants me for and I won't let him down and I will help my new companion and this area it going to be awesome! There are so many nice people here!!
Anyway the senior missionary couple in Indian Wells has a computer for Skype and I would love to do that but I have to ask our mission prez on Tuesday. Wait for my call between 3 and 6 on Christmas Day and I will tell you all that is going on here and things that are going to happen and all of that stuff!
So that's all I have for this week!

Love ya all and Merry Christmas!!
Elder Christensen

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